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Recipe book

Some time ago a very passionate cooking blogger girl who happens to be my friend wanted a book where to store her favorite recipes. I didn’t think much longer and I went into the craft room to make her one. If you want to see what she cooks please follow her here. The blog is in Romanian but I am sure if you are interested in a recipe you can write her and she will gladly translate it for you. The pictures are just yummi.

Now let’s see the cooking book.DSC_4395DSC_4394

The book was made using a 4 ring binder that I’ve altered. It has 5 dividers and the recipe pages are designed by me.DSC_4396DSC_4397DSC_4400DSC_4398DSC_4402DSC_4401DSC_4405DSC_4399┬áThe papers I’ve used are from Sudio75 Yummy! collection.

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